Fashion Jewelry – Neck Chains

Necklaces are a must especially if you are to follow the three-piece rule. There are several chain types in the market today that it can be quite daunting to choose the right piece to suit one’s taste. The following are just some of the chains popular today and how best to use it to complete your outfit.


Rope chains are one of the popular choice when it comes to necklaces especially more so for those who are interested in wearing one with a pendant. A rope chain is made up of intertwined metal either gold, silver or platinum and the tighter the weaving, the more expensive it is as it makes use of more metal. Aside from using it with a pendant, rope chains are perfect for twisted necklace design where the chain is the main attraction.


The snake chain is both popular among men and women because of its design. Instead of the regular links, it is composed of rings which are tighten together resembling that of a snake’s body. Thin chains are common among women as it appears delicate whereas thicker ones are preferred by most men. One can use it as a collar necklace or as a choker and are perfect for low-cut dress outfits.


For those who are looking for a simple one then the wheat chain is perfect. Wheat chains are made up of several links that are intertwined together making up a thicker looking chain. This chain is perfect for those who are interested in simplicity as one do not need any other accessories to complement it. This chain is perfect for those who wears low-cut outfit but can also be a perfect accessory for smart casual outfit.


For men who are looking for the perfect fashion jewelry without looking feminine, the curb chain is the right one. The chain is made up of several chains interlocking each other. What makes the curb the choice for many guys is the fact that it tends to be heavier and larger in appearance. Modern version of the chain makes it available for women as it is made into smaller and feminine style. Curb chains are a must for those who are into night activities such as clubbing or attending informal events.


Bead or ball are common and are also quite popular because it can stand by itself or paired with a pendant. These chains are made of individual round beads with some distance between beads. These chains are ideal for a lariat or long necklace or if the beads are large enough can be used as one-stand necklace